Sales (freephone†): 0800 0855 518 | Service department: 01246 229 719

Terms & Conditions


‘Flamecare’ or ‘Flame Care’ is a trading name of Flamecare (Homeplan) Ltd.

Basis of Supply

1) Flamecare, at its discretion, may refuse to offer renewal of any contract.

2) Acceptance of the central heating system, appliance(s) or systems onto the contract does not imply it is installed satisfactorily or to the prevailing standard of FlameCare. On occasion, a fault may arise with your appliance which relates to the original design or installation. In cases such as these it may not have been possible for Flamecare to have known of such as defect. In circumstances where we can demonstrate the defect is through no fault of our workmanship we would refer you back to the original installer or manufacturer. We will of course work with you to provide as much information about the problem as possible.

3) Breakdown cover is only valid assuming all due standing order payments have been made.

4) The annual service will only be provided, only if all 12 monthly standing order payments have been made.

5) Exclusions – the following are excluded from the service contract:

5.1) The replacement of decorative parts

5.2) Any defect attributable to the original design of the heating system / appliance

5.3) The fabric of the building or the pipe work built in it.

5.4) Any defect caused through malicious or wilful action, or third party inference.

5.5) Any defect or damage occasioned by fire, lightening, flood, storm, tempest, frost, or any other extraneous cause.

5.6) Consequential damage or loss arising of a defect in the central heating system / appliance (s).

5.7) Any defect, damage or loss occurring from failure of the public electricity, gas or water supply.

Company details

Flamecare (Homeplan) Ltd. Registered In England and Wales No: 8940261 Registered Address: 67-77 Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 2AL.

VAT No. 184 336 006
Gas Safe Registration Number 199268

Sales (freephone*): 0800 0855 518
Service department: 01246 229 719



Why choose FlameCare?

  • Full Parts & Labour Guarantee.
  • Free initial service (Worth £85).
  • No minimum contract.
  • Price guaranteed for the first 12-months.
  • No excess.
  • Unlimited call-outs.
  • Accidental damage cover.
  • Additional discount for landlords with 2 or more properties.